4 thoughts on “Degrey footy team 1981”

  1. Hi everyone …id like to share my memories of that day.. I played in that winning team back then, we won on that day. thats me sitting second on the bottom left.cheers Richard Nelly…

    1. Great player Richard Nelly. The De Grey side was picked to end up last in the championship by most commentators. Coached by the great Harry Newman we defied the odds and won the 81 BP Championship by 5 points agains West Pilbara who had a star studded side.

      Barry taylor

  2. Hi Julie.
    My name is Maurice O’Mara. I’ve never played the game but did however coach the South Hedland Swans Under 10 team around that time. I also coached The South Hedland Swans Ladies Team to victory in the Powder Puff Derby against Port Hedland Rovers. Looking at the progress made in the Ladies game I feel some pride in the fact that I was involved in those early days. Have wonderful memories of my time in The Hedland Area.
    Take Care.
    Maurice O’Mara

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