Swans 40 years

South Hedland Football Club has a very proud football history in the Pilbara from 1974 to the present day, with players and supporters fondly known as the Swannies.

Swans are part of pioneering football in the Pilbara when the team joined the De Grey Football League in 1974 along with Shay Gap Hawks.  The first league game was played against Goldsworthy in 1975.

After 40 years of wins, growth and great leadership in the South Hedland community, Swans celebrated a 40 year mile stone.

Here’s a message extract from the celebration booklet by the President, Mr Barry Taylor:

The South Hedland Football Club after being in the competition for 5 years won its first League and Reserves premiership in 1980. This followed by a League premiership in 1985.  The Reserves and Colts teams won premierships in 1991, with the Reserves again successful in 1994, and 200??

Then began what is possibly the best era / period of the clubs short history, 5 consecutive
premiership flags were won in 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1996 under the clubs most successful coach Kevin Taylor. Under Kevin’s stewardship the 1990’s would be the best decade of the club, 1 Colts, 2 Reserves and 5 consecutive League Premierships.
It must also be mentioned that South Hedland played in 9 League Grand Finals since 1992 and 2014, losing in 1998, 1999, 2005 and 2011. A remarkable achievement in the clubs history.

Read more here:

Swans 40 Year Booklet 2014

To stay in touch with Swans, call Barry Taylor on 0438 954 458


One thought on “Swans 40 years”

  1. I had the greatest time in 1977 at Shay gap ,I was a bludger for b shift cricket team,what a team,but I loved to watch the hawks play ,aussie rules was new to me but loved the game, I was a really fit lad ,but never had the aussie rules ability, I was gutted not to be good enought to make a game ,some of the greats who played for the hawks at the oval,was the well know (Wayne cross) )who iam in touch with him now , we email each other each month ,he lives in Vietnam now ,what a great lad and player .others who played in 1977 ,ther was (stud dawson) my good friend (Kevin regan) frankie cruden, (Graham whitford what a player ,)I regret and missed the gap when I left ,the sport played there was just brilliant ,the swimming pool was magnificent ,the whole set up was like something out of a si fi movie ,spoons the cateres were brilliant to , shay gap has left so menny great memories, I have never met such great friends and people. been a pomie I thought it would be a bit difficult to survive in the out back with the heat and the Aussies,but I met people from all over the world ,but I loved sport and through been a supporter of the hawks, and playing for the bludgers , I had the fantastic privilege of making so menny aussie friends mates ,wayne cross had a serious dislike of poms ,he became a good friend to me while I was at the gap, ,throught good old (p taking banter), (thank you shay gap ,the hawks footie team,the B shift Bludgers cricket team for so menny brilliant memories Derek considine ,a proud ex worker mine number 9188 xx

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