This site has been set up in memory of Colin Peter Matheson (1929 – 1996) and his love for the game of football.

If you have any historical records of football in the Pilbara, please let us know and your contribution will be recognised.

Long live football in the Pilbara.

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. My name is Steve (Choko) Arezina and I used to work in Shay Gap in the 80’s, my boss was Wayne Cross if anybody knows him can they forward his contract details to me I would like to catch up with him.
    Many regards
    Steve (Choko)

  2. I lived in Goldsworthy in the 1970’s. As a kid I collected all the articles from the News of the North related to the football during 1977 season…the year the Goldsworthy Tigers won the GF! I have scanned them and happy to share if anyone is interested. Cheers, Lisa

  3. Hi, Does anyone know Colin Farquhar who played in 1978? I’d really like to get in contact with him and appreciate you passing on details visa versa. Cheers David

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