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This website is home to the memories and history of football in the Pilbara.

Most of the records and photos come from the collection of the late Colin Matheson, inaugural President of the De Grey Football Association.

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Robert Bennett’s tribute to Colin Matheson

On 10 January 1996, Colin Peter Matheson passed away in his sleep.  It was unexpected and a great surprise to everyone who knew him.

Robert Bennett (Bob) wrote an article about Colin in the Sunday Times and also his memories of football in the Pilbara.

Some of his memories included Bob being licensed as a dog after Rovers beat Panthers in a grand final.  Bob was the coach of Rovers at the time.   Each Port Hedland team was aligned to a pub and the battles between them.

1997 tribute to Colin Matheson
Sunday Times 22 June 1997 tribute to Colin Matheson