Goldsworthy Tigers 1967 – 1981

Goldsworthy Tigers were formed by Angus (Gus) Matheson.  He was their first coach.

The town of Goldsworthy had the first grassed footy oval in the Pilbara.

The photo below was taken at the Port Hedland race track.  Note the oval was not grassed back then until the 1970s when Colin Matheson was elected to the Port Hedland Shire Council.  Port Hedland finally got a grassed oval in the middle of the race track.

From Gus Matheson's collection
From Gus Matheson’s collection

Uncle Gus 80 054


7 thoughts on “Goldsworthy Tigers 1967 – 1981”

  1. My name is Terry Rolfe. I played for the Tigers in 1969 and 1970 ..with Harry Newman and the Mitchell’s to name a few. Got some old photos somewhere. Will try to dig them up and put them on for this site.

    1. Hello Terry. This is a blast from the past from Harry Newman. Good to hear that you remember the good old days of Pilbara football.
      We are having a 50th Anniversary of the De Grey League here in East Fremantle on 19 May. If you are in WA, contact Julie Matheson. It would be great to have you here.

    1. Good morning, I believe I’m the one in Your photo, (Goldsworthy Tigers Best and Fairest) I would very much appreciate You forwarding the aforementioned photo to the email address below. …. Kind Regards, Bill Carey.

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