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Barefoot footy in the Pilbara

In the 1960s, footy games were played on a sandy patch cleared of rocks and stones.

According to Pat Love, legendary goal scorer for Panthers and Rovers, playing footy games in bare feet was easier on these sandy Pilbara ovals.

Colin Matheson‘s football collection has lots of photos capturing the tough breed of footballer in the Pilbara.

This photo collection is a draft.  Please excuse the amateur attempt and publishing software notation across the screen.  A better version will be updated shortly.



Formation of the De Grey Football Association 1969

Minutes of an inaugural Meeting held Sunday 13 April 1969

Nomination for President: Colin Matheson.  Proposed John Ernshaw Port Hedland Seconded Ron Edwards Marble Bar. Unanimous.

Senior Vice President: Wally Podmore – Declined.  Norm Bradbury. Proposed W. Podmore Finucane Island, Seconded D O’Brien Finucane Island. Elected.

Junior Vice President: Dennis O’Meara.  Proposed R Edwards Marble Bar, Seconded B Milner Port Hedland. Unanimous

Secretary: Tony Devlin. Proposed J Coulis Port Hedland, seconded Mr McClit Port Hedland. Elected.

Each Club advised names of delegates:

Goldsworthy: Roy Jameson, Kevin Cottrell

Marble Bar: Ron Edwards, Ron Edwards “younger”

Finucane Island: Wally Podmore, Doug O’Brien, Norm Bradbury

Panthers: Pat Love, Eric Pratt

Rovers: Len Mitchell, S Bennett

General Business:

Name of Association: Pilbara Football Association.  Moved Norm Bradbury, seconded Dennis O’Meara.  De Grey Football Association. Moved Ron Edwards, seconded R Edwards jnr.

Decision:  De Grey Football Association.

Minutes of Meeting held 13 April 1969
Minutes of Meeting held 13 April 1969

De Grey Football Assoication 1969

Preliminary Final played on 7 September 1969 at Port Hedland between Panthers and Goldsworthy.

It was played at the oval in the middle of the race track.  It was not grassed.  Colin Matheson would go to the oval in the morning with a tin of white paint and mark out the grounds.  He would also put a bit more white paint on the goal posts.  They were covered in red dust.

Do you remembers these players?

1969 De Grey Football Association Preliminary Final
1969 De Grey Football Association Preliminary Final