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Barefoot footy in the Pilbara

In the 1960s, footy games were played on a sandy patch cleared of rocks and stones.

According to Pat Love, legendary goal scorer for Panthers and Rovers, playing footy games in bare feet was easier on these sandy Pilbara ovals.

Colin Matheson‘s football collection has lots of photos capturing the tough breed of footballer in the Pilbara.

This photo collection is a draft.  Please excuse the amateur attempt and publishing software notation across the screen.  A better version will be updated shortly.



Pilbara Footy Characters

De Grey Football League – Footballer of the Week, circa 1983

Colin Matheson Profile

Nick name: Killer Colin
Name: Colin Peter Mattersnot
Age: 21
Birthplace: Subiaco Oval
Hair colour: dark with distinguished side-burns
Occupation: enthusiastic bottle-o
Favourite other sports: oral exercises
Favourite TV show: football replays
Favourite food: chicken, chicken legs, chicken wings, chicken breasts
Favourite drink: beer
Present club: West Perth
Favourite position: left right out
Luckiest break: living in Port Hedland
Greatest football moment: West Perth winning the grand final
Greatest disappointment: not having opportunity to be a VFL umpire
Most respected player: Wild Teddy Trelorny
Hardest player to tackle: Angry Ant
Football dislikes: being a sook
Football ambitions: see North Pilbara League best country competition in WA