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2017 Rovers Reunion 1970s

Legends of the 1970s De Grey Football Association from Rovers attended a reunion organised by one of the Association’s most successful coaches John Green.

Some stories told on the day…

Bruce Hurrell:  PAT LOVE had a cherished tracksuit originally given to him by Mal Brown.  Lovey was coming back from a Karratha footy match.  It was tradition to stop and light a fire to break up the journey.  The group had lit a fire but had run out of wood.  So Lovey in his favourite track suit climbed up the tree they were under to break off a branch.  He lost his balance and fell into the fire embers.  The track suit was made of nylon and singed with lots of holes.  Lucky they had beer to put Lovey out.

Phil Lockyer: COLIN MATHESON was invited for post match drinks at Greeny’s place.  Col said he wouldn’t be able to make it because he had the movies to run at the Port Hedland Drive Ins.  Anyway, everyone was surprised to see Col arrive at 9.30pm well before the movies finished at the usual 11pm.  Greeny said what are you doing here? Col said its was one of those old cowboy movies with three reels.  I played the first and last reel and left out the middle one.  No one even noticed so here I am!

GREG BROWNE:  Rumour had it in that there was going to be something going down in the grand final.  So before the siren I was sent down to the backline to watch for any foul play.  Just as the siren went and the whistle blew I was king hit from behind.  I got up and said if that’s all you got, you have better have eyes in the back of your head.  We lost the match.

JOHN GREEN:  Colin Matheson was a great President but sometimes fudged the rules to even up the competition.  One day they went down to the oval to help Col mark it out.  When they arrived the job was already done.  Col said he had done it and left for the day.  John checked the markings and noticed something odd.  It was marked out the shape of Goldsworthy’s oval.  So the boys went home, got their lawnmowers and mowed out the oval lines, then repainted them to suit Port Hedland’s oval conditions to give the home team the advantage!  Sounds like cricket.

Well done to everyone involved.  Here’s a few snap shots to help you remember….


BP Championships 1970-1981

De Grey Football League’s president Colin Matheson was one of the founding members of the Pilbara’s BP Championships in 1976.

Here are some of the memorable teams and players who represented De Grey:

Port Hedland Rovers 1980

By 1980 Rovers had dominated the De Grey and West Pilbara Football League with premiership wins in 1971, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, and 1978.

The 1980 year book is dedicated to the “Bulldog” spirit and the untiring committee members who served throughout the year.

Barry Scaddon achieved 100 games and life membership of the club.

Greg “Bomber” Browne wrote of football in the 1970s and the lack of grass on the oval in 1971.  Some players did not wear boots.  At Finucane Island the oval was a ripper, one side sand and the other clay with the odd spinifex bush and shrubs.  One of the Finucane Island players nicknamed “flipper feet” glided across the sand in bare feet while players in pursuit were weighed down wearing boots.

In the early 1970s the town’s main oval had no grass and Nissen huts were the change rooms.

Some of the best players for Rovers were Roger Richardson, Pat Love, Barry Stewart, Les Nixon, Terry Senior, Peter White, Ron Lockyer, Gordon Cuff, Brian Hood and Rick Hockey.

Coach John Green gives an overview of the year that was with Rovers coming fourth.

Rovers ladies team was more successful beating Swans ladies team.

Players Profiles are listed including one for Rick Hockey who won the club’s fairest and best: “This was Rick’s first season with us and proved to be a thorn in the side of the opposition.  Rick played in the centre and later in the season as a rover with distinction.”

Read more about it here:

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